You will be in awe as you view these stunning lighthouses on Grand Lake St. Marys. Although it is an oddity for an inland lake to possess a lighthouse, Grand Lake St. Marys is proud to boast of three such structures.

Behm’s Lighthouse


This beautiful stately structure was dedicated on April 19, 2003 in memory of Stanley Mike Grimm, who was killed in an auto accident in 1997. The operating marine light can be seen up to seven miles.

It can be viewed on the south shore of the lake at 5444 Behm Rd. at Behm’s Landing.

Northwoods Lighthouse


This 1923 Eddystone lighthouse is a monument to the original English Channel beacon. In the early days, it operated under a government license from April to November.

Located on the north shore between Celina and St. Marys. Viewing from lake only. Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Rotary Lighthouse


This forty-foot working lighthouse welcomes visitors to Celina each evening. Built in 1986 by the Celina Rotary Club, this structure has a wrought iron observation deck encircling it for those who wish a “grander” view of the lake.

Located on US-127 and Lake Shore Dr. in Celina.